A career dedicated to...

The Future of Healthcare

Online Courses for
Health Care Professionals and
Digital Artists

For more than a decade, pharmacist Berk Zafer has been teaching design in healthcare to digital artists and health care professionals.  

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Introduction to Life Sciences for Designers
Exploration of Futuristic Concepts of Healthcare

2D Vector Graphic Design for Healthcare Professionals
Adobe Illustrator™

3D Design for Healthcare

Web Design
WordPress & Elementor® Pro

Pharmaceutical Product Packaging & Print Design
Adobe Illustrator™ & Blender3D

Branding & Identity Design for Healthcare Professionals
Adobe Illustrator™ & Photoshop™

Graphic Design for Web and E-Commerce
Adobe Illustrator™ & Photoshop™

Videography & Explainers
Adobe Premiere™  | Blender3D | Adobe After Effects™

Professional Portrait Photography
Master Class

Adobe Photoshop™ | Adobe Illustrator™


Berk Zafer is a freelance pharmacist combining his extensive knowledge of life sciences and pharma with his experience in digital arts.

Photo of Berk Zafer 2020

As the creator of Hx2050, the collaborative platform that combines scientists and artists for the exploration of healthcare innovations, Berk Zafer hopes to contribute to the quality of life of disadvantaged populations.